About Us

Our Mission

To preserve and promote the traditions of Texas A&M through outreach and education. 


Our Vision

We do our best to perserve the traditions here at Texas A&M. Throughout the year, we do a variety of things to help educate both the student body and the public about the traditions. Traditions Council was founded in 1975, exactly 99 years after Texas A&M opened. Since then, we have been working hard to help preserve, promote, and facilitate A&M's history and traditions and to help ensure the Aggie Spirit is always burning in every Aggie's heart.


What We Do

Silver Taps

One of the greatest honors Traditions Council has is hosting the  tradition of Silver Taps. Traditions Council partners with the Department of Student Assistance Services to faciliate and raise awareness of this time honored tradition. We are privileged to host the families of the fallen the night of Taps and leading the continued success of this tradition. Traditions Council encourages everyone interested in Silver Taps to attend the next ceremony and stand with the Aggie Family as we honor our fallen Ags and pay respect to their family members. We remind them that although they've lost a family member, they still have an entire family here supporting them in Aggieland.  

Bonfire Rememberance Ceremony

Every year on November 18th at 2:42am hundreds of students gather out at the bonfire memorial to honor the 12 that we tragically lost in the collapse of '99. Traditions Council has the honor or hosting this event every year and has the responsibility of ensuring that this tradition is preserved and Aggies never forget that early morning when A&M history was changed. 

Speaking Engagments

Another major aspect of Traditions Council is conducting speaking engagements. Does your organization want to learn more about the history and practice of our beloved Texas A&M traditions? Then you've come to the right place! Our members travel around Texas and around campus to share our presentation and knowledge of what makes Texas A&M so unique. We would love to have the opportunity to come and speak to your organization. If interested, please email our Outreach and Education Chair at TradCouncilSpeaking@gmail.com.

Traditions Week

A fun even that Traditions Council host every sping semster is Traditions Week. During this week Traditons Council works to spread awareness about many the many traditions that A&M has to offer. In previous years we have had opportunities for students to take pictures with Reveille, meet the Yell Leaders, listen to the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, ask cadets about the Corps, and so much more!