Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-students participate?

Of course! Non-students may participate in the 5K but will be ineligible to win the Aggie Ring scholarships. They may, however, enter to win on behalf of a currently enrolled student. All participants will be eligible to win the other drawings. Click here for more prize information.

What if I already have my ring?

Winners of the scholarship who already have their Aggie Ring can use the scholarship to have a diamond placed in their ring. If the winner chooses to decline the diamond setting, they may transfer the scholarship to another currently enrolled student who does not have their Aggie Ring.

Do I have to win the 5K race to win the ring scholarship?

Not at all! All that is required to win one of the four Aggie Ring scholarships is status as a currently enrolled student, purchase of a $12 ticket, and attendance to the event on Sunday, April 26, 2015.

The man and woman who finish first in the race will receive prizes.

Do I have to run the 5K race?

No; all forms of participation are welcome and encouraged. Run, walk with a group of friends, skip, dance, or participate in any other safe way that you desire!

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, four-legged friends are welcome to participate in Run for the Ring! Please utilize leashes at the event and bring supplies to clean up after your pet. 

What happens in the event of severe weather?

In the event of severe weather, all events at The Association of Former Students--including the 5K fun-run--will be canceled to ensure the safety of participants and staff. Drawings for all the prizes, including the four Aggie Ring scholarships, will be done and winners will be contacted via email. Should the weather cause a cancelation, an email will be sent to all registered participants informing them of the cancelation.

Will I get a refund if the events are canceled due to weather?

No, a refund will not be available in the event of severe weather cancelation. Drawings for prizes will continue as scheduled, and arrangements will be made for shirts to be picked up at a later date.